Is crowdfunding the kickstart that Australian culture needs?

By Alexandra Spring
published in, 26 September 2013

Australians love crowdfunding. We’re among the most enthusiastic in the world and the most generous per capita, argues Rick Chen, CEO of Australian-based crowdfunding platform Pozible. While US backers typically pledge US$25 for projects on Kickstarter, says Chen, on Pozible Australians’ most popular donation is AU$50. …

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Hong Kong: An Army of Crowdfunding Sites Look to Help Startups Get Funding

By Martina Arroyo-Burtonposted on StartUpsHK 3 July 2013

Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia

Picture Courtesy of Wikipedia

The entrepreneurial community is growing larger by the day in Hong Kong, a movement that inspires many to pursue their lifelong dreams.

Trying to find a sufficient amount of funding for an idea or project becomes a hard task, a factor that leaves many startups dead in the water. Fortunately, new crowdfunding sites have been recently born in Hong Kong, and are looking for entrepreneurs and investors alike. Here are four new crowdfunding sites in HK…

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