Will SEBI’s new proposals throttle crowdfunding at birth in India?

By Raghav Hegde

Crowdfunding is a nascent industry in India, which yet to take off due to several reasons. Without a regulatory sanction from the government,  the crowdfunding industry does not enjoy legal approval, and hence, more widespread credibility with the investors – both retail and institutional. Equally critical is that India is not a technologically advanced, entrepreneur-driven country, as a result most of the crowdfunding activity is restricted to the financing of films and cultural events. The non-existence of equity based crowdfunding in the country, as most of the crowdfunding in India is rewards based or lending based, is another important reason that crowdfunding as a platform for investment is yet to take off.

Nonetheless, a lot has changed in India over the past one month.  The new BJP government has taken over at the center, with Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister. Mr. Modi is well known to be very friendly to businesses and entrepreneurs and was the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat, which is the most entrepreneur-friendly province in the country for over twelve years previously. This is a big change from the prior administration which ruled over the country, which was distrusted by the entire business, investment and entrepreneurship community, both in India and abroad. So a lot is expected from Mr. Modi’s new government, which seems very serious on improving the investment and business climate in the country.

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Oh the Pozibilities in China!

By Kat Jenkins
from Multitude

Crowdfunding is all about innovation. Innovative products are the ones that capture our imagination and make something like the Oculus Rift possible. Crowdfunding as an activity was an innovation borne out of the 2008 financial crisis. The whole thing is like a marketplace where good innovations are voted in, and bad innovations are voted out.

One crowdfunding platform in particular definitely earns the crown as the most innovative by far. While Kickstarter is spending time planning parties and adding a category dedicated to bacon, another platform has expanded into the world’s Manufacturing Mecca. And it seems to be doing very well in a country which countless other tech giants have failed to crack.

That platform is Pozible.

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The Lion City Roaring: Is Singapore leading the way in Asia with crowdfunding innovation?

By Crowdfund Vibe Staff Writers

Crowdfunding is more developed in Europe, North America & Australia/NZ, than it is in Asian countries. This situation is changing rapidly in Singapore. Crowdfunding activity has ramped up significantly in the Lion City over the past 12 months.

Like many parts of the world, various overseas crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been available to residents of Singapore for some years. More recently they have been joined by the Australian-based global platform Pozible. Indiegogo has upgraded its service to  support funding in the local currency which has enhanced its appeal.

There has also been a flurry of new Singaporean crowdfunding platforms together with some notable fundraisings. The Singaporean public is starting to take a keen interest in this new business concept. It would seem Singapore may now be the trend-setter in Asian crowdfunding.

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