Two successful Singapore events show strong interest in Crowdfunding in Asia

By Raghev Hegde

The organization of two major events in Singapore has given a major boost to the Crowdfunding industry in not only Singapore, but also Asia as a whole. While Crowdfunding is already an important source of investment for small businesses and innovative startups  in the United States, especially with the huge popularity of sites such as, it is yet to take off in Asia for various reasons. But the overwhelming publicity generated in the region by two well conducted events – the EPIC 2014 and the first ever CrowdFunding Asia Summit, point out to the fact that while the story may just have begun for Crowdfunding in Asia, already its potential is seemingly limitless. We discuss each of the two events in this article.

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New Zealand’s Pledgeme releases its first two equity crowdfunding campaigns

26 Sep 2014: CEO of NZ crowdfunding website Pledgeme, Anna Guenther, announced the established rewards platform’s first two equity crowdfunding campaigns today. They are are Techvana, a museum devoted to New Zealand’s IT history, and H2 Explore, a Twizel-based hovercraft transport company catering to cyclists on the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail. “We are excited to have two great businesses which have passionate founders who want to open up their companies to their crowds” she stated. Pledgeme was one of the first two platforms to be issued with an equity crowdfunding licence by New Zealand’s FMA.



Malaysian securities regulator publishes crowdfunding consultation results – legislation due next year

26 Sep 2014: The Malaysian Securities Commission released its public response on the proposed equity crowdfunding framework yesterday, after receiving input from a broad range of stakeholders. The parties consulted including potential crowdfunding operators, entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, financial institutions and the general public. The amended proposal will permit Malaysian companies to sell ordinary or preference shares & raise up to RM3 million in a 12 month period.  With Malaysia intending to finalise the rules by March 2015 it will be a leader in equity crowdfunding in Asia.


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