Founder Series: Anshulika Dubey of Wishberry

In the second edition of Crowdfund Vibe’s founder series we speak with Anshulika Dubey, the co-founder and COO of Indian based platform Wishberry, a reward crowdfunding platform for creative artists.  

What motivated you to start a crowdfunding platform?

In a country like India, that is so rich in arts and culture, to see hardly any projects making it big on the international level was something that hurt Priyanka and I deeply. I was always fascinated by the idea of crowdfunding for creativity since the time I had come across Kickstarter while working on a research paper during my stint at Mckinsey. When I came to know that Priyanka, who was my former colleague at McKinsey, had developed Wishberry – a fundraising platform for social causes, I told her about Kickstarter and the need to create a crowdfunding platform for creative artists in India. Creative people in India were forced into conventional jobs because creative pursuits like music, film, dance etc. were only seen as a hobby, not as a full time career that paid the bills.

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