Starting Something Good Has Never Been Easier

Traditional funders, whether they be governmental or corporate, often look to proven models to solve continually changing problems. Innovative solutions that create social impact, therefore, cannot get the required funding to reach their potential. Innovation is stifled before it has begun. Starting something good proves more difficult than it should.

The funding gap for social impact projects, and recognition of how sites like Kickstarter revolutionised bringing creative projects to life, led Tom Dawkins to found StartSomeGood in 2011 with Alex Budak. Now it is a platform that has raised over $6 million and had over 550 projects in 35 different countries. Recently it also picked up the Innovation Award at Australian and New Zealand Internet awards. StartSomeGood has become the crowdfunding platform where innovative ideas can come to life to create social change. It allows more democratic solutions to social problems by involving the community in decision making. Crowdfundvibe sat down with CEO Tom Dawkins to talk about creating change, the developing world and what they’re excited about for 2016.

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The Asia Pacific’s first Alternative Finance survey underway

By Tadhg Walker

The University of Cambridge, University of Sydney and Tsinghua University are collaborating on an inaugural Asia-Pacific alternative finance benchmark survey. The survey will primarily focus on crowdfunding and peer to peer lending activities throughout the region, creating a database to measure size and growth of the sector. Upon publication in the first quarter of 2016 the survey will be freely available to the public.

Similar surveys have been conducted in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, and have had a high impact in identifying growth trends and the size of the alternative finance sector. In the Asia-Pacific region, however, there is currently a lack of empirically based academic research into alternative finance.

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In the Year of the Goat, Asia Pacific crowdfunding is awakening

By Crowdfundvibe Editor

Back in July 2013, Fortune magazine published an article lamenting the slow growth of crowdfunding in Asia. Wind forward 18 months or so and it is clear that the region is now making strides to catch up with the rest of the world. There are a number of significant global platforms setting up branch offices in the region and local crowdfunding platforms are established in most major countries. Several crowdfunding conferences have generated significant interest in the field and a series of governments are looking at changing their securities laws to authorise equity crowdfunding. Indeed with the continued delay in crowdfunding rule-making under the JOBS Act in the United States, the region is now moving more quickly than North America in this area.

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