Second INITIATE: Pacific Crowdfunding Summit held in Sydney

By Crowdfund Vibe Staff writers

Sydney hosted the INITIATE 2: Pacific Crowdfunding Summit on 8 September 2014.  Held in the historic State Library of NSW,  the event featured a veritable who’s who of leading Australian and global crowdfunding sites, including the founders of Pozible, ASSOB & StartSomeGood along with Anna Maguire, author of Crowdfund It. Jason Best, founder of Crowd Capital Advisers, gave an fascinating presentation via video link from San Francisco.

This was the second outing of the INITIATE formula following on from a successful first event last year in Wellington. Crowdfunding sites have been operating in Australia for a number of years. The diversity of its applications was one of the themes, in addition to the question of how to regulate equity funding in the country.

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Women in crowdfunding

By Katie Kostashchuk

Originally published on the Equitise Blog
(republished with permission)

As the world of finance has been, for a long time, seen as an ‘all boys club’, women have been marginalised in traditional forms of finance, venture capital and business angel investing. On average, women-owned firms start and grow their businesses with considerably less external financing compared to men (Department of Commerce US). In Australia, female entrepreneurs have experienced undercapitalisation as a core issue that undermining the success of growing their business. A 2013 study conducted by the (Australian Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AWCCI) of 3000 women entrepreneurs found that half of those surveyed required more funding to facilitate the growth of their business. The majority of those women have started their venture with less than $5000 worth of capital.

Crowdfunding platforms, however, now offer female entrepreneurs the chance to promote and grow their business by providing access to capital. By providing such opportunity, crowdfunding democratises finance by placing women on a level playing field with men. Moreover, with a growth in female entrepreneurship in Australia and the amount of women starting businesses increasing by 8.9% in 2013 (AWCCI), access to crowdfunding platforms in Australia will play a key role in providing capital to women. Women are almost 4 times more successful when crowdfunding than raising capital through traditional means. The number of female-owned businesses that receive venture funding in US is only 13%, however the number of crowdfunding campaigns run by women that meet their funding target is around 47% (Forbes).

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Oh the Pozibilities in China!

By Kat Jenkins
from Multitude

Crowdfunding is all about innovation. Innovative products are the ones that capture our imagination and make something like the Oculus Rift possible. Crowdfunding as an activity was an innovation borne out of the 2008 financial crisis. The whole thing is like a marketplace where good innovations are voted in, and bad innovations are voted out.

One crowdfunding platform in particular definitely earns the crown as the most innovative by far. While Kickstarter is spending time planning parties and adding a category dedicated to bacon, another platform has expanded into the world’s Manufacturing Mecca. And it seems to be doing very well in a country which countless other tech giants have failed to crack.

That platform is Pozible.

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