Founder Series: Gregor Gregersen of Silver Bullion

Crowdfund Vibe has sat down for a fascinating interview with Gregor Gregersen, CEO of Silver Bullion, whose novel take on P2P (Peer to Peer lending) has helped build a solid reputation in Singapore and abroad. 


CFV: What motivated you to start Silver Bullion?

GG: I was in the trading room of one of Germany’s largest banks when the 2008 financial crisis occurred.  It became very apparent then that the financial system is fragile and that the best way to protect oneself from bank defaults is ownership of physical precious metals as it provides a hedge to systemic financial risk.

Silver Bullion’s mission is to provide the safest store of value possible by eliminating financial counterparty risk and storing bullion in the safest jurisdiction today – Singapore. Our bullion secured P2P loan platform was a natural extension of our precious metals storage, making our P2P loan platform unique in the industry.

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Funded Here to help SGX listed companies raise short term bonds

Funded Here has become the first licensed crowdfunding platform in Singapore. It received its Capital Markets Services license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore on 18 March 2016, permitting it to deal in securities. This allows Funded Here to raise funds via short term bonds of up to S$5 million. The platform currently offers investment options from S$5,000. Funded Here hopes to have its first offers to its accredited investors by September 2016.




Two successful Singapore events show strong interest in Crowdfunding in Asia

By Raghev Hegde

The organization of two major events in Singapore has given a major boost to the Crowdfunding industry in not only Singapore, but also Asia as a whole. While Crowdfunding is already an important source of investment for small businesses and innovative startups  in the United States, especially with the huge popularity of sites such as, it is yet to take off in Asia for various reasons. But the overwhelming publicity generated in the region by two well conducted events – the EPIC 2014 and the first ever CrowdFunding Asia Summit, point out to the fact that while the story may just have begun for Crowdfunding in Asia, already its potential is seemingly limitless. We discuss each of the two events in this article.

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