Second INITIATE: Pacific Crowdfunding Summit held in Sydney

By Crowdfund Vibe Staff writers

Sydney hosted the INITIATE 2: Pacific Crowdfunding Summit on 8 September 2014.  Held in the historic State Library of NSW,  the event featured a veritable who’s who of leading Australian and global crowdfunding sites, including the founders of Pozible, ASSOB & StartSomeGood along with Anna Maguire, author of Crowdfund It. Jason Best, founder of Crowd Capital Advisers, gave an fascinating presentation via video link from San Francisco.

This was the second outing of the INITIATE formula following on from a successful first event last year in Wellington. Crowdfunding sites have been operating in Australia for a number of years. The diversity of its applications was one of the themes, in addition to the question of how to regulate equity funding in the country.

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Two successful Singapore events show strong interest in Crowdfunding in Asia

By Raghev Hegde

The organization of two major events in Singapore has given a major boost to the Crowdfunding industry in not only Singapore, but also Asia as a whole. While Crowdfunding is already an important source of investment for small businesses and innovative startups  in the United States, especially with the huge popularity of sites such as, it is yet to take off in Asia for various reasons. But the overwhelming publicity generated in the region by two well conducted events – the EPIC 2014 and the first ever CrowdFunding Asia Summit, point out to the fact that while the story may just have begun for Crowdfunding in Asia, already its potential is seemingly limitless. We discuss each of the two events in this article.

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Asia’s first crowdfunding summit

By Crowdfund Vibe Staff Writers

“When I first heard about crowdfunding I thought it was too good to be true. They told me I could pitch my idea to the public on a crowdfunding platform or event, and if people liked the idea, they’d contribute to it.”  says Ms Kwek Hong Sin, organiser of the Singapore Summit.

Hong Sin, a former cyber security business developer, heard of crowdfunding when she was rejected by venture capitalists for another business in 2013. She travelled to San Diego, Silicon Valley, Las Vegas to find out more about the crowdfunding phenomenon. On her trip, she met some of the leading lights in crowdfunding and observed the impact it had on the regional economy and startups across the United States. “I went to the US to get money, but I left wanting to drive Asian crowdfunding,” she relates. Since that time she has been working tirelessly to organise the two day event which starts on Monday.

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