Will Thailand’s equity crowdfunding regulation create investment?

Thailand, with its economy based on SMEs, makes a natural fit for crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is slowly gathering pace in Thailand, with platforms offering primarily reward and donation options. In an attempt to stimulate growth among start ups, SMEs and its nascent Fintech industry Thailand’s Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) published equity crowdfunding regulations in May 2015. Fintech businesses which involve financial payments and loans will be under the Bank of Thailand’s jurisdiction.

The regulations have focussed on obtaining market acceptance and promoting investor protection. Retail investors have stringent limits surround investment: they may only invest Bt 50,000 (1420 USD) per start up and no more than Bt 500,000 (14,200 USD) per year.

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Crowdfunding Justice

By Tadhg Walker

There is one thing lawyers need to invest time in a case: money. Money is usually the principal cause for a lot of people, even if they have a valid case, to be denied representation. The rule of law is meant to secure justice for all but many are denied this right due to a lack of capital. This funding gap has led to a growing number of crowdfunding sites dedicated to legal services, allowing the underrepresented to have their day in court.

Hiraa Khan, co-founder of CrowdDefend, came to this realisation during his three year term working at the American Civil Liberties Union. Khan discovered the “prohibitive costs of legal representation, court fees, associated trial costs can exclude most lower and middle income Americans from participating in the justice system, resulting in an astonishingly high number of legitimate legal matters that never make it to the courtroom.” According to Khan, 67% of poor Californians’ legal needs are not met by legal aid services, a fundamental violation of the rule of law. CrowdDefend is taking on “impactful, socially motivated cases,” like helping Adan to post bail in the USA where he is seeking asylum, after escaping gang members who were trying kill him in his home country of Guatemala.

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Roll on Crowdfunding in Malaysia

By Crowdfund Vibe staff writers

Late last week the Malaysian Securities Commission announced it was accepting the first applications for equity crowdfunding licences. This followed on from the release of new guidelines on 10 February that introduced requirements for equity crowdfunding platforms.

Malaysia is one of the first states in Asia to authorise equity crowdfunding, which the Government sees as an important and innovative new market structure to facilitate the growth of new small scale businesses. So what is the state of crowdfunding in Malaysia, a country that is the 3rd largest economy in South East Asia and the 29th largest economy in the world?

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