Equity crowdfunding requires a rethink on company structure in Australia

By Marina Nehme

The vast majority of Australian companies are privately held. There are many advantages for this. Private companies face fewer regulations and lower requirements than public companies when it comes to reporting to shareholders, for example.

But new sources of funding are starting to blur the lines between public and private companies. As a result, we should consider introducing an intermediary form of corporation that sits between the two.

The difference between public and private

Private companies are not designed to raise funds from a large group of shareholders. In fact, two of their key characteristics are that they cannot raise capital from the public and they are limited to having 50 non-employee shareholders.

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Founder Series: Rick Chen of Pozible

Crowdfund Vibe spoke to Rick Chen, co-founder of Pozible, about crowdfunding awesome stuff and its future. 


CFV: What motivated you to start a crowdfunding platform?

RC: The passion to see great project come alive, to offer an alternative funding sources help achieve that goal.


How well known is crowdfunding in Australia? What is the coverage on crowdfunding in the traditional media?

Crowdfunding is growing very healthily in Australia, mainstream media have mostly covered crowdfunding as a valid way to fund projects. The likes of government agencies, investors, peak bodies also see crowdfunding as a way to proof concept.

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Founder Series: Gregor Gregersen of Silver Bullion

Crowdfund Vibe has sat down for a fascinating interview with Gregor Gregersen, CEO of Silver Bullion, whose novel take on P2P (Peer to Peer lending) has helped build a solid reputation in Singapore and abroad. 


CFV: What motivated you to start Silver Bullion?

GG: I was in the trading room of one of Germany’s largest banks when the 2008 financial crisis occurred.  It became very apparent then that the financial system is fragile and that the best way to protect oneself from bank defaults is ownership of physical precious metals as it provides a hedge to systemic financial risk.

Silver Bullion’s mission is to provide the safest store of value possible by eliminating financial counterparty risk and storing bullion in the safest jurisdiction today – Singapore. Our bullion secured P2P loan platform was a natural extension of our precious metals storage, making our P2P loan platform unique in the industry.

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