Founder Series: Rick Chen of Pozible

Crowdfund Vibe spoke to Rick Chen, co-founder of Pozible, about crowdfunding awesome stuff and its future. 


CFV: What motivated you to start a crowdfunding platform?

RC: The passion to see great project come alive, to offer an alternative funding sources help achieve that goal.


How well known is crowdfunding in Australia? What is the coverage on crowdfunding in the traditional media?

Crowdfunding is growing very healthily in Australia, mainstream media have mostly covered crowdfunding as a valid way to fund projects. The likes of government agencies, investors, peak bodies also see crowdfunding as a way to proof concept.

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A tale of two platforms: Equity crowdfunding in Australia & New Zealand

By Kat Jenkins
from Multitude

The last 12 months has seen a steady stream of equity crowdfunding laws and platforms released globally. The UK and Europe are already home to CrowdCube and Seedrs. And the JOBS Act in America is opening the floodgates there as well. In New Zealand, equity crowdfunding will become possible due to a law change coming into effect on April 1, 2014. Australia has also recently begun work on their crowdfunding legislation.


With all this activity going on, I sent through some questions to two new players: Fundakiwi, from New Zealand, and Squareknot, from Australia to see what they were up to, and what they thought the future looked like.

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